In 1983, the State Boxing Commission, which was created by the Legislature in 1931, was renamed the State Athletic Commission. The Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate. Members serve without pay, at the will and pleasure of the Governor, for a term of four-years. The Commission has sole direction, management and control of the jurisdiction over all amateur, professional and semi-professional boxing, sparing matches and exhibitions, or any form thereof, to be conducted, held or given within the state of West Virginia by any club, individual, corporation or association. The term boxing includes any fighting event that includes or permits the striking of an opponent with a closed fist, even if wrestling moves, elements of martial arts, or striking of an opponent with the feet are also permitted. No boxing, sparing or exhibition may be conducted, held or given within this State except pursuant to the Commission's authority and must be held in accordance with article 5A, chapter 29 of the West Virginia Code. The Commission appoints the referees and judges; and appoints its members a chairman and secretary.

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